Where Truth is Abounding


Have you wandered, wavered, done all that you can

To resist the call of the great ‘I Am’?

Saying ‘I am fine, this God I know’

Well, that’s not enough, for the Spirit to flow


Remember God showed us how Adam was born

Everything was ‘good’, God’s pleasure his dawn

A wonderful place was God’s selection

A land of fullness and fruitful perfection


Adam and Eve said ‘we have God to teach us’

And ‘blessed are all the living creatures’

Yet other knowledge they sought, not theirs

Reaching higher for the fruit that only snares


God cast man out from this garden of plenty

A flaming sword turned by cherubim sentry

Now over to the east to work the land

Missing out on what God had planned


Take account now of where you are heading

Are you asking the question…where is truth abounding?

Jesus said that He was the Way

So come to God the Father today


Know the excitement of newness of destiny

Take and give your whole life’s testimony

Even a millionaire just can not afford

The riches in glory brought by the Lord


You will sit with your Saviour on high

You will live, never more to die

Enthroned with Him…don’t you long to go?

Being with the one who loves you so!