Water Jars of Heaven


Fountain of light spring from inside

It’s time, it’s calling for me to decide

To create a sanctuary where God can dwell

Where secret wonders to me he’ll tell


Open my heart, let bright stars fall

Awaken my soul to a devotional call

Into your temple, aware of your glory

Where six-winged angels cry out your story


Wrapped in your robe of unfailing love

Water jars of heaven are tipped from above

Quenching my thirst for all your delights

I taste, I drink, on wings take flight


Sailing the skies, just holding your hand

Gliding, soaring ­ what creation you planned!

Almighty God is with me on high

Taking me deeper, my fulfillment is nigh


My heart steps out ­ it’s the pathway of peace

My soul so serene in thankful release

My mind now set on those heavenly places

Never to hinder God’s current of graces


My eyes will see ­ revelations my goal

Lips now cleansed with forgiveness coal

Always I’ll look with expectant eyes

Knowing my Lord ­ all flesh now dies


I push open the gates, pass the mercy seat

I see the Lamb, I hear His bleat

“Surrender, surrender, come fall at my feet

I’m you’re all in all, your vision complete.”