Unending Story


Angels are ascending, angels are descending

Telling the story, that goes on unending

Of how the Lord Our God, will keep His Word

Those promises of old that Jacob heard


The offspring of Abraham, will always be blessed

Through the many trials, that come to test

Who will respond to this open request

To believe in Jesus, receive His full bequest?


When the old earth and heaven are passing away

And the Book of Life closes, what will God say?

Your name must be there, for Him to have heard

That you’re in Christ Jesus, His Son, The Word


Eternity is for everyone, so where will you be living?

For God’s will to be done, you need forgiving

To recognise your sin and become repentant

To God’s gift of grace, be humbly acceptant


Outside the new heaven, the impure will stay

Those who practice sorceries, will rue the day

They did not listen, to that Godly Word

The Good News of the Gospel, that they had heard.