Beside your river, I become a succulent tree

With thirsting stems, craving all of thee

No veil remains, I am free

To drink in streams of tranquility.


Over the waters, Holy Spirit hovers

Breathe of life, like a mantle, covers

Causing spiritual fruits to gently pour

From a grateful heart, fed from heaven’s store.


Love, Joy and Peace, I decide to choose

As they arch above me in rainbow hues

Coloring my songs of worship to you

The one to whom all praise is due.


Streams of living water begin to flow

In transforming glory all is aglow

Dreams and visions in awesome sigh

Cause the King’s daughter to prophecy


The will of God upon golden scepter

Brushes the shoulder of one who will enter

New Jerusalem streets of transparent glass

Where peace and tranquility reside at last.