Time Flies Never to Return


The Praise of Heaven came down to earth

With angels that followed the virgin birth

Isaiah’s ‘tender plant’ took root

Fulfilled in God’s most precious fruit

Time flies never to return

Destined for another place

The will of God upon His face

The holiness that we can taste

Take hold this supernatural grace

Time flies never to return

Jesus is calling, Jesus is here

Through sacrifice, through pain and fear

Reflected in Gethsemane’s bloody tear

Were you, my friend, his child so dear

Time flies never to return

Himself He offered, heaven he gained

For all of us who call on His name

Now behind the second veil we come

In overshadowing Glory – we are undone!

Time flies never to return

Things of ease will take us away

Denying the treasures of God today

Worldly possessions, not worth a fight

Your soul may be required this very night

Time flies never to return

So will you ask, seek, do all to find

This Jesus, The Christ, The Saviour of mankind?

No need for the sun, nor moon by night

He stands at the door – He is the Light!