The Worlds Reward


All to your Glory Lord

Nothing of me

Shape me, mold me,

make me be

Loving, obeying, exclusively

The One True God

The One True Vine

Remaining in you, always mine


Father, Son and Spirit come

Jesus, Thank you, all is done

Upon the cross, my heart was won

Holy Saviour, let us go

Together telling all we know

Comforting, loving, gentle Lord

To tell of you I am called

Messiah! Jesus! The world’s reward


Into the world I must go

Not to be tossed to and fro

But standing firm, your peace I know

Assured, confirmed, we are one

Intertwined with God’s own Son

Finishing work you’ve given to do

Bringing glory on earth to you

Yesterday, today and forever true


You are my Lord – I worship you!