The White Bird


The White Bird flies along a path of truth

Blazing forth the Holy Spirit’s proof

Of hearts into which God’s life is poured

Testifying to Jesus, Saviour and Lord


He hears me when I cry out loud

He removes all that would keep me proud

He opens my eyes that my soul might see

The King of Glory’s face and sweet beauty


Purity and peace the White Bird signifies

Thoughts and minds He truly dignifies

To be cleansed, made holy, that we may ascend

Into His sanctuary, where mercy never ends


When my moods change colour like a chameleon

He will catch and hide me in God’s pavilion

Where every care will melt away

Leaving one desire – in His house to stay


We’re reminded it is Jesus’ righteousness

That will make us grow in saintliness

Our need to decrease is what we’ve heard

To make a way for the Holy White Bird


Come, Spirit, come, increase in me

Tell me all that you want me to be

The works, the gifts, the fruitful things

That I will find under your outstretched wings.