The Way, The Truth and The Life


I’ve been told of the God, Elohim

Some hear Him today, even in a dream

I’m struggling to know if He is real

I’m seeking with doubt, and I need to feel


Can it be that you’re the God Most High

Was it for me that you came to die

That all was ordained, yet a travesty

The One they crucified, was heaven’s Majesty?


All today’s pleasures become nothing but dust

For all that’s on offer, corrodes in rust

Is there truly One who sees my hurt

Can lift me out of this earthly dirt?


Someone who cares, someone who knows

Reasons for my tears, and the river that flows

Out of this heart, a reservoir of pain

A dam of lost hopes, I’m trying to regain


Can I know this El Shaddai

The One and Only, God Most High?

I call, I hear… ‘I’m Yahweh Shalom,

My arms are held open, for you to come home.’


Take heaven’s road, that will lead you high

Following Jesus, the Christ, for His presence is nigh

Know, like Thomas, how His side took the knife

For He is The Way, The Truth and The Life