The Music Lasts


Yes, I’ve taken time to wait

Swinging gaily upon the gate

Seeing poppies amidst the field

Noting springs most crimson yield


I’ve chased a butterfly far and wide

I’ve watched the badger from my hide

Seen the beauty of a fox-cub fight

As dusk rolls in to bring the night


Gasped in wonder as the sun goes down

Marveled at that golden crown

That slowly fades, yet lights the skies

In golden, pink and lilac dyes


I’ve looked in children’s longing eyes

I’ve felt the mother’s deepest ties

When hurt and sad, they pour all out

The screaming questions, the puzzled doubt


My dance of life had many rhythms

But left a cave with open chasms

What would fill this empty space

Set a new dawn upon my face?


My musings led me to explore

The truth of Jesus, that open door

Should I go in, push right inside

Could I find if he had lied?


Was he the one some knew so well

The Living God ¬ Immanuel?

I looked, I searched, I found it’s true

My answer sang – “He came for you!”


Now I dance upon new ground

Now a new song is to be found

Within my heart, upon my breath

“He danced for me unto His death”


He opened up those heavenly gates

Himself the Bread upon our plates

Forever and always the trumpet blasts

And the music lasts..the music lasts.