The Incoming Tide


On the giant eagle with wings spread wide

I will fly across the incoming tide

Seeing and tasting, your gifts I will gather

To interweave between each beautiful feather


With glorious strength I’ll rise onto the mountain

Where my faith, my life, will show your reflection

And I’ll rest in readiness throughout the dark night

Alighting with joy into morning’s new flight


Lord you’re enlarging my own given territory

Blessed by the light of your iridescent glory

So enriched I can soar to trees touching the sky

Reaching for branches that are higher than high


Here I find fruit that I’m ready to pollinate

With these talents God’s given, it’s time now to graduate

Making each dry tree become magnificently green

You’ve disciplined my eye, taken out that large beam!


Any gift is of course to be given away

So in a place of inaction I’m unable to stay

I need to step out from your comforting shade

Still knowing you’re with me, I’m all that YOU made


Let me grow as I go, telling of your most precious love

Let me move as your Spirit shines bright from above

Showing me all that my Father is doing

Showing me those whom He is now wooing


That I can meet that terrified cry

That I can quieten that saddened lost sigh

That I can lift chains from those greatly oppressed

Giving your comfort to the down and depressed


It’s God’s promise of hope that’s in our own hearts

He can give life to the dead, mend all shattered parts

So uniquely healing, forgiving and sweet

Is the dew that will fall when with Jesus we meet