The Hand Of All Solace


Slowly I stroll under wavering trees

Through dappled lighting from moving leaves

These lights dance around like stars at my feet

Enticing my steps, to my place of retreat


Here the sun is drying the glistening pool

Left by a shower, that came to cool

Where honeycomb rings, small bubbles of froth

Are like an embroidered pattern, upon a delicate cloth


Across the fields are rippling earth waves

Mounds of lush grass that beautifully behaves

Like a waltzing breeze, so gently blown

A soft velvet carpet of every green tone


Above the meadow, on pitted rocks I stand

Knowing all was formed at His great command

Around me, flower filled moss spreads far and wide

Like a spectacular seaweed, across a hilltop tide


The azure blue ocean encircles my view

In awesome wonder…. Oh! what can I do?

But release my praise, cry out in adoration

Give all that I am, to the One of perfection


Here, as I look to God and seek His face

Come within His presence, in this secret place

I see Him beckoning, ‘Come near and see’

As the hand of all solace is offered to me.