The Fuller Power, The Larger Light


For every time, there is a reason

For every thing, there is a season

I’ve wept, I’ve laughed, I’ve mourned and danced

I’ve lost, I’ve loved and known romance

Planted and sown and traveled afar

Laid my life down, before Your altar


Now, this place I’m in is like a maze

I look to see, but it’s through a haze

My understanding seems to disappear

As I seek the meaning for my every tear

But this I know Lord, you stay the same

A God of order, you always remain


And you have promised to abide in me

So like a bee searches nectar, I’ll come to Thee

To extract every drop of your divine essence

The intoxicating flavour of your sweet presence

My soul begins to expand within your sight

Drawing in the fuller power…giving out the larger light!


I pray you’ll keep me, you’ll be my hide

As I wait in wonder for you to decide

The time is perfect to move me on

Knowing I’m ready and in you made strong

Ready to do all, according to your decree

Every place I tread now, given over to me.