The Finisher


Have I known God rightly

Is my life unsightly

Or do I no longer live

But Christ within me?


When others look at me

What is it that they see

Is it Jesus’ very nature

Molded upon my every feature?


Or have I just known the Man

A good teacher who only can

Tell of things of which to aspire

But never set my heart on fire?


Have I ever really understood

The meaning of that precious blood

That poured to fill my very soul

The glory upon glory that could make me whole?


As a shadow falls across life’s sundial

And tells the time of some earthly trial

Do I grasp that heavenly vine

Do I take all that can be mine?


Do I look up and spiritually behold

All that from the beginning I’ve been told

That Jeshua, Jesus, the God of all time

Is the author of my faith and finisher divine?


O everlasting God I hear your call

To this wounded child come be my All

As I wait upon you, my heart is eager

To meet with my Lord, the Alpha and Omega!