The Eternal Paraclete


Come let us magnify the Lord, what a precious treasure

To worship and adore, within the stream of His pleasure

Pouring out our hearts before God the King

Glory and Majesty, is what we lovers sing


O God You are Our God, reigning on high

Earnestly we seek You, in awe we sigh

In the beauty of Your holiness we shall enter now

As Your rolling waves cover us, we willingly bow


From submissive wonder, bursts forth our praise

The total of our being, before You now lays

Here in Your sanctuary, this sacred holy place

The light of Your radiance is upon each eager face


The fool says in his heart that there is no God

Others who know Him are given the wings of a dove

To fly away, and rest, where the Lord is close

Led by the Helper, the blessed Holy Ghost


Star of Jacob, what is it that You give?

Everything to make these dead bones live!

Dwelling within, making us totally complete

Revelation truth declared, by the eternal Paraclete.