The Crimson Highway


The crimson highway, Jesus walked in love

To Golgotha, where he cried to his Father above

‘Forgive, they know not what they do,

Thy will be done, I bring them back to you.’


How many trials of deep felt pain?

How many times of heart-string strain?

Before this day when Father’s look was barred

From beloved Son, wearing death’s perfume Nard.


Deep scourging stripes beaten into His back

Upon holy face their curses were spat

In silence Jesus was led away

Whilst some, wept bitterly that awful day.


Into the side of Holy Redeemer came piercing knife

But in this sure death, was the light of life

Calling souls to delightful richness of fare

With Robes of Righteousness for each to wear.


When my soul is distressed, weary and worn

When my heart is broken, ragged and torn

I will not forget all forgiveness of sin

I will give all my broken pieces to Him.


He is the Resurrection and the Life to me

I will not deny this truth like the Sadducee

But take His hand and kiss His feet

See those marks that the soldiers beat.


May I ever know His unfathomable peace

Feel the comfort of Holy Spirit release

And the Glory of God surround my being

Set free in Jesus – in Him I’m LIVING!