The Blazing Torch


Consider with your mind, understand with your heart,

The tabernacle of the Israelites, was, from the start

Jehovah designed, to be the dwelling of God

He who brought forth blossoms upon Aaron’s Rod


White curtains hung in purity, so fine and high

Calling forth a reverent and awesome sigh

Then within the woven door, heaven’s colour of blue

And the purple of royalty, where all honour is due


The scarlet we see now as Christ’s own blood

As He sacrificed Himself, as only He could

And we give Him our praise and total acclamation

In everlasting thanks for His gracious propitiation


The shekinah glory came down, right into their midst

A divine illumination, as the ground was kissed

The cloud had descended and the earth was stilled

The Holy of Holies with God’s presence was filled


There is no power without God’s manifestation

Our bodies are anointed by our full presentation

Like Moses on the mountain, we can all encounter

That glowing shine, of the True Lamplighter!


From generation to generation His mercies go forth

So may we be the carriers of His blazing torch

It’s by no power nor might, but only by His Spirit

That we shall stand firm upon Jerusalem’s summit.