The Beloved


Bethlehem, ‘The House of Bread’

You hold a history by which we’re led

To proclaim a life within you born

The Messiah, Jesus, Star of the Dawn


Immanuel, ‘God With Us’, that was He

Whom Magi traveled far to see

They knew just what the bright star meant

They knew this child was heaven sent


At twelve years old He was found to be

In His Father’s house – He even held the key!

He spoke the Truth; He showed the Way

Through Him came Life of an eternal day


When you perceive this child upon the hay

What do you see, what do you say?

Are you wise like those men of old

Do you understand what you behold?


Does revelation touch your heart

That they have been right from the very start

Are your eyes becoming clearer, now uncovered?

This is the Son of God, Your Saviour, The Beloved.