Sweet Communion


My hunger for your presence has become so strong

I can hardly bear being away for long

I need to whisper in the ear of my King

The words of love that make my heart sing


I search for the slightest sacred sound

I look in every place where He can be found

I prepare myself through the ways of repentance

That open the doors of heaven’s entrance


Within is the source of my satisfaction

Light within light, such acute penetration

It causes my knees to bow and body fall

As always He responds to my passionate call


I delight in Him and He in me!

The circle of our joy is full and free

We dance and embrace, enjoying one another

For He is my Prince, my friend, my brother


Sweet communion with the Lord is forever my goal

For He is Master, Creator and lover of my soul

As my desire increases and this I convey

The splendor of His Kingdom is mine today.