Soul’s Freedom


Falling like gold-dust in a light refreshing rain

Is a distilling dew, that rests and remains

Making me know, I’m one favoured among humanity

That I can rise to higher ground as I put away vanity


Looking right into heaven where worship has no limit

Standing in a breeze of the blessed Holy Spirit

Being transported above in the knowledge that I’m saved

Transfixed by the glory of my Lord God who reigns


The eyes of the Master, cast sweet mercy’s gaze

I’m awed in the presence of this great light ablaze

I tremble and fall, listening to all that He says

Speaking into my life…it’s days, nights and ways


As He opens up treasures of the mountains of old

Just like Ezekiel’s scroll, to be eaten and retold

A vision of wheels, with the Living Spirit within

Things that declare, my soul’s freedom can begin.