Signs On Earth


From where the eagle rises a vision came into view

The dull hilltop tree was blossoming anew

Deep gorse yellow came from centre rays of white

As I stood amazed at what filled my sight


My soul was shaken into joyous praise

Crying out thanks through my tearful daze

The God of Hosts was visiting me

Out of this glorious, golden, lit-up tree


My spirit was awakened to yield, to give

As Jesus bore witness that this child was His

He asked me to pray with the spirit and the mind

For those the Father was sending for me to find


Everything has a season, a time He says

Now seek my purposes in the coming days

For the ones I have placed my hand upon

See them saved as they come to love my Son


And just as Peter and John declared

Silver nor gold will be what is shared

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth all will be done

And through the ‘Beautiful Gate’ they will gladly come


The crippled, the sick, the ones in pain

And the dead, like the widow’s son at Nain

Will rise and begin to live their life again

At this appointed time of the latter rain


In these last days we are told

There’ll be visions and dreams for young and old

Wonders will be seen in the heavens above

And signs on earth – even written in blood!


Those golden flowers I really did see!

God did speak to me through that simple tree

Whose adornment so quickly and totally vanished

Leaving my heart laid open and fully ravished


Thank you Lord, I’m humbled, in awe

With my heart overtaken, I ask for more!

May I have eyes to see as the Holy Spirit pours