Shadows of the Soul


My tears have been my only food

Whilst seeking to conquer this sorry mood

My prayers have filled the incense bowl

As I chased those shadows across my soul


Deep into the recesses of my mind

Treasures or trials ¬ what will I find?

An angel shows me the River of Life

But memories show the streams of strife


Deep’s calling deep in crystal flow

Roaring waterfall ¬ your voice I know

Rushing waters, waves of love

Pouring tenderness from above


Breakers come, but gentle heart

Yet will I praise you! Be never apart

Anchor my soul to the highest peaks

Firm and secure through the sour, the sweet


My emotions are rocking into the swell

Resting on gentleness, longing to dwell

Deep in your goodness, under your wings

Softly, sweetly, my soul now sings


My song of praise breathes from within

Calling, yearning ¬ All for Him

Nearer, closer ¬ the veil is thin

Lift it Lord, let the healing begin.