Shadows of Serenity


Down the narrow path through the coolness of evening

Walks an eternal child, of God’s own gleaning

Longing to disrobe from the day’s worldly dross

Here hang angel’s baskets of heavenly moss


And the grass along this way does not wither

Where trusting the Lord, He calls us hither

Come dwell in my safe land, the choicest part

And I will give you my desires, for your own heart


He who makes your righteousness shine like the dawn

Will call you to be still on His chosen lawn

To feel the lush pastures enfold your feet

And in shades of serenity His Spirit you’ll meet


Yearnings will break open before the Lord

Heart-felt pounding under Spirit’s sword

But softly it falls upon shoulders bent

Submitted to the justice and tender mercy sent


Taken out from ‘Egypt’, carried upon eagles wings

This surrendered child, the Lord Himself now brings

Before the Father, beneath His gaze

To stand with Cherubim in this holy place


Falling at His feet, more dead than alive

A voice of rushing waters causes life to revive

The dew of heaven drops, from the Living One

Melting a heart…merging two into one.