Sacred Stillness


Beside still waters I sit in quiet contemplation

Waiting and watching in silent meditation

Through windows of my mind I begin to see

How precious, Lord, are your thoughts towards me


In sacred stillness I wait upon Him

All around becoming misty and dim

Making me aware of a nourishing stream

That fills my thoughts like a waking dream


You have searched me and know all there is to tell

So my deepest needs are dropped into your well

My soul is thirsting and my flesh now yearns

For your living water upon a heart that burns


Keep me always in this peaceful calmness

To see, then taste, your delectable goodness

Holy Spirit walk me through God’s beauty arrayed

And upon this scene let my mind be stayed


O, let me linger in this place divine

Losing myself and all sense of time

Surrendered and drenched in such love sublime

Knowing the sweet hope of glory, Christ Jesus, is mine!