Lord you have healed me through and through

So here I am to give honour to you

I stand, I turn, to look into your face

Knowing you have left not even a trace

Of unfinished work within my soul

You’ve supplied every need that can make me whole


The battle is won, I’m crucified with Christ

There’s no turning back and no time to waste

Forward is the way, so onward I should go

His redeeming blood, through my veins can flow

Giving strength to my mind and depth to my spirit

I can soar with the eagles and know no limit


Now I know, what I did not see

Those pierced hands that cradled me

The veil has gone, now I’m so deeply conscious

Of how the Lord My God has named me ‘Precious’

He covered me, even within my mother’s womb

Then walked beside me under sun and moon


His perfect knowledge of me is immeasurably great

The number of His thoughts to me, I’m unable to state

And I know my ‘Preciousness’ in Him will not fade

Because He says, that I am so wonderfully made

Created in His image…His divine workmanship

So I surrender all, to His Sovereign Lordship


Before me now I see a most fertile plain

Where I can grow and blossom under my given name

‘Precious!’ O ‘Precious!’ God has called unto me

Giving reason to my birth and who I’m meant to be

My way has been paved with all riches in glory

In Jesus it was finished, yet not the end of my story


For my eyes need to see and my ears need to hear

The fullness of my salvation, through my God given years

I remember how He chose the foolish, to confound the wise

And lifted those who are weak, giving strength as their prize

So now I can do all things, in Christ it is done!

Always and forever, led by the Light of God’s Son.