Penitent Dreamer


Angel whispers brush the furrows of my mind

Ministering to the aches that are hiding behind

Those smiles, the calm, the positive words

That I have spoken from all that I’ve heard

Promises that assure all will be fine

As I look to Jesus and know that He’s mine


When I ponder on thoughts that bring a frown

I’ll seek His face, watch His love come down

Falling from heaven in words pure and true

To keep and guard me, tasting mercies anew

And my heart awakens to sweet communion with Him

Where eyes of faith widen, knowing He’s forgiven all sin


God, come touch, make whole, this penitent dreamer

I will meditate on You, My Rock and My Redeemer

And my feet will become sure, able to stand

Like a deer on the heights of some wilderness land

Establish my steps Lord, as I heed Your right way

Open up my understanding to all that you’d say


By streams of water I will prosper and learn

Being like a tree, now planted so firm

And in peace, I’ll both lie down and sleep

Knowing your saftey through deep calling deep

Sometimes stilled and by the small voice led

Down the roads of my life in the years ahead.