Seven stars were in His right hand

Upon feet of bronze He did stand

This Faithful Witness in judgment came

With eyes of fire, a burning flame

And no one today can ever afford

To miss the meaning of that two-edged sword


He searches the minds and hearts of all

He longs that not even one should fall

Overcomers are fed on hidden manna

And by the counsel of the Lord can stand forever

Under the Tree of Life, knowing no compromise

Even come to His presence in paradise


He stands at the door to knock

Calling all, their hearts to unlock

And if any man would hear His voice

Opening the door, making the choice

He will come in and have fellowship

Even sharing His throne of glorious Kingship


White robes are issued, a special gain

White stones inscribed with each new name

He who is true and has David’s Keys

He who is holy and will never leave

Opens all that no man can ever close

And shuts up things that He alone knows


When we come forth and finally conceive

It’s the salvation of Christ we really need

Then the love of God we will truly behold

Making faith break out, proven richer than gold

His mighty works we will then be proclaiming

Praising the Lord Jesus for the life we are gaining.