One Accord


Spirit take control of all my longing

Enter my senses, seal my belonging

Take me to heaven’s throne of beauty

Where Jesus welcomes this child of frailty


Blessings abound when in His presence

Perfume of the Rose, Sharon’s essence

Pervade my being, settle on me

Turn me inside-out for Thee


Your jewels of jasper and carnelian impart

Let every pulse beat to your heart

Emerald light shine all around

Just slay my body unto the ground


And when I rise, through sea of glass, distilled

New strength seeps in and I’m wonderfully filled

Basking in your light, where there is only light

Becoming complete now within your sight


This is the place where I want to stay

My white robe flows, such fine array!

It’s all you’ve made me, Jesus, My Lord

Purified, Holy and in one accord.