Never too Far


Remember that you are never too far

From the One who flung out every twinkling star

Into the vast open sky so amazingly blue

Where a rainbow appears as a covenant for you


And that daughter or son who seems out in the cold

Even though the truth, they’ve already been told

Has entered His sanctuary on the incense of your prayer

Dedicated, blessed and forever held there


Until the Lord says it’s time for them to begin

The journey of a lifetime where they will sing

Sweet praises and worship from hearts that are pure

Wanting nothing but God to be all they adore


He knows. He cares, He sees your pain

That sister or brother he’ll not let remain

Within their prison, bound in those chains

Because of your faith, true life they will gain


All that is sanctified within your heart

Shows you and Jesus never being apart

And that wife or husband can only but see

That you have changed and been totally set free


And that unsaved mother, that none reconciled father

Who ignore the words of loving son or daughter

Will one day know their names are engraved

On the palms of the hands by which they’ve been saved.