My Heart is Awake


Come draw me, call me, away this day

Upon my lips whispering kisses lay

Ointment of Jesus come pouring forth

To issue a fragrance of endless worth


O divine perfume now hedge me in

To boundaries that allow only purity within

Even when asleep, my heart is awake

To this banquet of love of which I partake


If hardship mountains be ahead of me

Or sorrowing valleys down below I see

We’ll walk on the wings of the wind together

And ride those chariot clouds forever


I’ll know when the time for singing is here

When your voice is calling “Beloved come near”

All shadows will flee from among the flock

Whilst others will have lost their door to knock


The scent of my Saviour is deep inside

And from His gaze, I never shall hide

“You’ve ravished my heart,” He says to me

So, to all that I am, He holds the key.