Make my heart a garden


Make my heart a garden, where you can walk

In the cool of the day, together we’ll talk

Tell me Father, how I used to live

In a land of shadows, where I couldn’t forgive


How you broke each branch and lifeless they fell

The sickness, the sin, the darkness of hell

Like enemies scattered, like foes that fled

Past the foot of the cross, as my Jesus bled


Breathe through my garden on the wings of the breeze

Perfume my life as each leaf on the trees

Let all that has life feel the touch of the Son

And the moon for all seasons mark that day is done


Abba, Father, now speak of your peace

Pass all understanding, let joy increase

Leave a rainbow cover forever to glow

Consuming each flower of thought that I know


Christ is in me, what mystery divine

Praise to His glory, can all this be mine?

Oh! Living Hope ¬ come Spirit like a dove

Rest in my garden, my God of all love.