Longing to Hear You


I’m longing to hear your voice today

Needing to hear what you would say

So quietly I sit, come to kneel and pray

Listening for you and keen to obey.


Stilled like this, my mind becomes open

To receive your wisdom, truth and compassion

At this place of holiness I feel I belong

Even sensing the release of some strange new tongue.


This elevates my praise into heavenly places

Where I’m joined and encircled by angelic bright faces

Caught up in this cloud, now blown by the Spirit

Where worshipping the Lord continues without limit.


My heart now is clear of all those confusions

My washed clean veins have received new transfusions

Of all encompassing love, that goes deep inside

Christ, my own treasure, in you will I hide.


Let nothing come now to disturb this peace

Until I’m totally filled and ready for release

To share this life, this light, this God

With the anointing of power sent from above.