Jewel of the Day


My God, as I bow before You now, bring Your instruction

My Lord, take this pride away that is my destruction

My King, with reverance and awe I am now discovering

That once again Your Blood, is my servant covering


As I kneel this day, this fresh new morning

Please come and cover me with Your adorning

The cloak of humility; honour of the victorious

That freedom from myself, the truth that’s glorious


Oh wisdom you are the jewel of the day

Please capture my mind, fill all that I’ll say

To everyone I meet whether friend or foe

Let the seed pearls fall, Your love bestow


I ask that I’ll bring a sweet smelling bouquet

As I minister My Lord, as I come to pray

With those who suffer and those who cry

And from Wings of Healing they will fly


You oppose the proud but the humble find grace

When we truly surrender, come before Your face

As obedient children, what blessings will ensue

As our whole lives are given in praise to You.