In The Deepest Valley


In the deepest valley rare beauty can be found

Where silky fronds of pampas bow down to the ground

And brown velvet bulrushes stand tall and profound

Above wide open lilies that trumpet no sound

Yet radiate their splendor from delicate stamens

Blown by the wind, to dance to unwritten hymns


As we gaze across God’s own created universe

We are moved and inspired to seek and converse

With the One who asks if we’re ready to be taken

Out of Eden’s sinful pollen and by Him gently shaken

To daily walk through heaven’s pure garden

Where spiritual rain will mean hearts never harden


The body we live in becomes a Holy Temple

Making all that we are and should resemble

Be the likeness of Christ in all humility

Where unconditional love can so exquisitely

Wipe away tears and free the blind

Bring total healing to all mankind


O Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace

You beckon us all to come to your feast

Prepared by the Holy One, our Saviour divine

Whose flame is eternal, the light of our mind

Putting stars in our eyes, opening windows of the soul

Saying..My yoke is easy, onto me your burdens roll.