I Come Running


Here I am Lord, before your throne

Here I kneel Lord, all alone

If I’m a clanging bell, then bring to harmony

And write my prayer into sweetest symphony


Father you’re Faithful, Righteous and True

And your burden is light, so I come to you

Sovereign Lord, we are bonded in love

And purest Spirit, you make everything good


I’ve come from a place that’s dry and thirsty

To rest awhile at your seat of mercy

And between touching wings, I now behold

Holiness held open, by those angels of gold


You are The Way, the Everlasting Door

And I come running, to worship and adore

I hear the echoed cries of Jesus, upon Spirit breath

As I’m encompassed in freedom, brought by His death


Overwhelmed in gratitude my tears are falling

And all within me is thankfulness calling

Love, Light and Life, come fill my days

As you’re with me always – to the end of the age.