How sure are you?


Secured is our place in heaven, when we accept Lord Jesus

Eternity’s many mansions, He has already prepared for us

O Lord, who am I that You should think of me?

And who am I, that such richness of joy I will see?


New emotions for old, my Lord did say

Where the old order of things has passed away

No more death, mourning, tears or pain

The way to paradise is open, mine to reclaim


Gates of pearl frame our renewed environment

The jewelled walls around this city are permanent

And the people can enter who have bodies anew

Whose names are in the Book of Life – How sure are you?


Will you return to God, no longer to roam

Having walked the narrow path to your Beulah home?

Here in the New Jerusalem, beneath that golden dome

Where the Lamb is the Lamp to all His own.