Holiness Haze


Rainbows, tree greens, ocean blues and others

Lord, you fill my life with wonderful colours

Even the rain clouds with streaks of light

Create silver rays, shooting beams of delight


Walking your hills I find flowers so rare

Purple-cream orchids are nestling up there

Taking my breath in wonder and praise

I’m lost in your presence, sweet holiness haze


I cry ‘Take my life and make it new

You’re the artist, you know every hue

Of pastel shades, bold brightness too

Colour me Lord right into YOU!’


Brush my thoughts with all that’s mellow

Touch my face with soft golden yellow

Portray my heart with even unknown colour

That will meet each hurt in my every brother


Wash my moods with the lightest of shades

Blotting out anger until all else fades

So that only your love will come shining through

Showing God My Saviour in everything I do.