His Embrace


My captured mind is becoming untied

For the greatness of my Lord is opening wide

My inner self, that no other must know

Those places so deep, where only He can go


My bones seem to shift, become out of joint

As I realise His Spirit is here to anoint

And my heart is like wax melting within me

Merging each beat to create a stream of humility


I’m poured out like water from an over-running cup

So awed in His presence, I can hardly look up

His embrace enfolds me, no words need be stated

All heaviness ebbs away, as I’m lifted and elated


Sweet intimacy with God, how I yearn for this!

Glorious place of worship, great heavenly bliss

Father to child love rotates, round an exquisite circle

Forming the seal of assurance, of salvation’s miracle.