Heralding Angel


The heralding angel on the beams of infinity

Rides upon radiant waves from the Trinity

Tumbling, swirling, dancing bright

Cloud dust of diamonds in sparkling light


Within these shafts are crystal showers

Bringing faith and healing and miraculous powers

The One Holy Spirit is now touching me

And given for all whether slave or free


Jew or Gentile, the angel is calling

Down to their knees the people are falling

Tongues are confessing one born in a stall

Again He is coming, Glorious King of all!


Messages of hope ring out from above

The Spirit and the Bride, on the wings of a dove

Say come, O Lord, do not delay

Our longing hearts, before you we lay


As we hunger and thirst, you’re nearer, not far

Galaxies are moving around the Bright Morning Star

Sacred streams come gathering the ones that are known