Heavenly Treasure


Joseph had a dream, it was his life in the future

Eventually to be played-out within a foreign culture

Joseph knew that it was only God’s hand

That could free him, use him, meet every demand


Do you have a desire to be like him

Totally faithful when things look grim

Do you allow God to use you greatly

By showing your life to be full of integrity?


Do you have a dream to transform all things

By bringing yourself under the shadow of His wings

Where He teaches goodness and on Him you feed

Learning to take from God, all that you’ll need?


Do you walk differently, in truth and in love

Considering all things, coming down from above

Letting whatever is honourable, pleasing and just

Become for you, an absolute must?


Do you believe that you are called right now

To a destiny that requires your knee to bow

Before your Maker, the Master of all?

Are you willing each day, at His feet to fall?


Are you pressing on always to know God more

The surpassing value of Christ Jesus the Lord?

Forgetting what lays behind you forever

Looking forward, and into, that heavenly treasure.