Healing Leaves


How can I reach you, my precious child

With your eyes so beautiful, yet still defiled?

How can you hear me, jewel in my crown

When your ears are blocked by an enemy sound?


How can I show you all heaven sublime

When your feet are in clay and cannot climb?

How can I touch you with outstretched arm

When you fear every move as a method of harm?


When will you see my measure of tears

That flow down for you and fill up the years?

When will you drink from the One True Vine

When will you feed on these pleasures of mine?


There are words of silver, more precious than gold

Wisdom and Faith, such treasures to hold

Sweeter than honey are the mercies that pour

When heart, soul and mind have opened the door


How long will it be, this piercing of me

As I wait for you, the truth to see?

My love will endure throughout the strife

Healing leaves will be yours from the Tree of Life.