He Speaks Unto Me


She walks, her thoughts on many things

She talks inside of what life brings

She arrives, an earthen vessel to fill

He speaks and all around is still


She asks ‘How can this be

A man, a Jew, speaks unto me?’

He knows just who she really is

He tells of the gift of God that’s His


From His own heart flows living water

Offered here to this precious daughter

From Him the pure spring gushes up

Because He drank the eternal cup


Jacob’s Well becomes Jesus’s Well

The hour now come, the time to tell

Of the Living One who came to atone

Now worship in Spirit and Truth alone!


It’s God’s promise of hope that’s in our own hearts

He can give life to the dead, mend all shattered parts

So uniquely healing, forgiving and sweet

Is the dew that will fall when with Jesus we meet.