He Came


Into the throne room, their praises pour

Seraphim and cherubim and angels galore

Sweet voices are carried along emerald rays

Resounding, surrounding, the Ancient of Days


One mighty angel asks, in his strong loud voice

‘Who is the Worthy One, in whom we rejoice?

He is the Root of David, who breaks seven seals

The Lion of Judah, before whom all heaven kneels.’


‘For He is worthy!’ hear the rising new song

‘To the glorious Lamb of God, we now belong!’

And the prayers of His people, mingle with angelic tone

As another finds salvation and his spiritual home


Redeemed ones see His face, their foreheads bear His name

It was for this spotless bride, His beloved, that He came

He made open the way, to that eternal Tree of Life

And flung wide the gates, to the great City of Light.