Hard Rock Climbs


It’s been 7 years Lord, of difficult times

It’s been 7 years Lord, of hard rock climbs

And through it all you’ve kept my spirit

To conquer all and reach the summit


When I entered times of tears and misery

You caught me falling, and began your ministry

Of calming, soothing, building, and working

Making your child newly fit for walking


And when my head fell to my chest

When hands and feet cried only ‘rest’

I found it was you, my Jesus, who had set the test

Then enabled me to fly valiant, from the nest


No longer will I ever feel forsaken

Even in those seasons when I’m badly shaken

In those hours of acute hurt and grief

Your joy and gladness will be my balm of relief


My highway is prepared, it’s cleared of stones

And I know I’ll never take one step alone

Given courage and boldness, above any of my own

Loving mercy, walking humbly, as you have shown.