Golden Clouds of Rapture


Born inside a mother’s sigh

With tiny wrinkles and wailing cry

Our Sovereign Lord who commanded skies

To open heaven’s windows high


The bread of angels, men gathered and ate

As He brought his people on through the Gate

The sheep of his pasture were called to follow

The Good Shepherd of their day ¬ our tomorrow


This Shepherd King became Holy Lamb

All iniquities laid upon the great ‘I Am’

To bring back strays, to save the lost

The Man of Sorrows, never counted the cost


Eyes of blazing fire for awhile were dim

Face of brilliant shining sun, eclipsed by sin

Oh Holy Lamb, my Servant King

My praise, my thanks, to you I bring


Risen, ascended, awaiting Father’s time

When called to say that ‘these are mine’

Until then my prayer to you my Lord

Is that my loved ones will be restored


To embrace your vision, Revelations gem

The Wedding Banquet will be for them!

Rescued, returned, by Jesus captured

Within golden clouds gloriously raptured!