Flee The Dark Light


Listen to the distant roar

Hear it deep in your inner core

It calls you away from life on earth

Come soon, come now, into new birth

Flee the bright dark angels lair

Cast off false light that holds you there

Do not with greed and envy stay

Like a lion that claws its daily prey

But arise, look out and know who slays

His lies and schemes the Gospel delays

He has no way, he has no trust

We cast him out to eat the dust

And we with wolf and lion and lamb

Will live with God, the great ‘I Am’

Upon His holy mountain high

His praise, His glory, shall none deny

No tears, no pain, no fight for gain

Living and reigning on the eternal plain

Born of the Spirit, on eagle’s wings

Our life, in heaven, truly begins

Have you gone down that Damascus Road?

Have you listened when you’ve been told?

Now see the hands of Jesus ¬ Take and hold

The Good Shepherd calls you into the fold