Falling Tears of Ecstasy


What is this moving inside me now

That stirs my soul to sacred vow?

To come to worship, to tell you how

Desire is burning my knees to bow


Stilled in breathless, awesome pose

Inside sighing for my Sharon Rose

Will you respond and wipe my tear

That falls in ecstasy because you’re near?


Your beauty washes ashes, gives a garment of praise

Your brilliance dances over hands that are raised

My body trembles, as awesome vision arises

A radiance of glory, fills all my horizons


Blazing diadem is all that I’m seeing

As I am chastened to blend into your own being

Facets of holiness flash across my breath

Desperate repentance casting sin unto death


Every place around me becomes holy ground

The Spirit’s presence brings that golden sound

The silent calm in which God can be found

This is the place where His love will abound.