Eagles Gathering


Beware! Do not set aside God’s commands

Seek today what the Lord demands

Do not observe man’s own traditions

Come in the Spirit with all your petitions


Put His purposes first, for they are vast

Man’s mind is limited until it’s recast

In the mould of Jesus, God’s beloved Son

So call now urgently for his kingdom to come


Let’s go together into God’s strong tower

Stirring up the gifts, receiving the power

We need those equipping ministries now

Relating to one another as we take the plough


Are your eyes fully open and your ears attentive

Is your heart laid wide to the Lord’s directive

Are you longing with every fibre of your being

For the wisdom and truth of revelation meaning?


The eagles are gathering, works are completing

In readiness to the call and soon the releasing

Strengthened, enabled, infilled and eager

To follow our blessed Holy Spirit leader!