Don’t you know


Don’t you know the voice of His thunder when it rebukes the earth

Don’t you know a time is coming to consider your mirth

Are you listening, are you seeing

Will you be standing or will you be fleeing?


Don’t you know at His will the south wind blows

So too, the north storm where the whirlwind grows

Can you hear, do you see

All must fall and bow the knee?


Don’t you know as the rainbow encircles the sky

A covenant of love is proclaimed for you and I?

You must have heard…so long ago!

That a child was born, when a star was aglow


Don’t you know He sprinkles snow like birds falling down

And the fear of the Lord is wisdom’s crown

Have you lost hope on some fading star

Are your horizons in clouds, away too far?


Don’t you know the Star of David’s source

Was Jesus, the Saviour, who set all life’s course

Bringing Spirit’s breeze to turn us around

Steering towards heaven and homeward bound?


Don’t you want to know His saving grace

Don’t you want to see His lovely face?

When He comes again, the earth will be stilled

Resurrected ones, with divine love will be filled.