Consume Me, Lord


Bright lights before me are slowly appearing

An inhale of holiness is in my breathing

The Glory of God is entering my being

Responding to cries of desperate pleading


I feel, I touch, I know you’re here

Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit, you’re near

You fill my heart, my mind, my hand

All broken open, as before you I stand


I see your face looking down from the tree

Your eyes crying joy, in pain for me

Consume me Lord, come take control

Let every part now just gently unroll


I see my Shepherd’s delight, as I become unwound

I’m laid out before Him, my face to the ground

Then in tender embrace I am lifted up high

Where I see my Saviour, now eye to eye


A tear falls between us, is it His or is it mine?

The aura is dazzling and from His face I shine!

It’s the King of Kings, yet I’m in His arms

In His touch is healing, as He soothes and calms


I’m rendered speechless, I’m in total awe

I’m like a little child just wanting more

He tells me my desire is His greatest pleasure

And the Kiss of the Son is my own heart’s treasure.