Come Forth As Gold


Creator, you set the borders of my life

As I had yet to enter earth’s unholy light

You knew me curled, unfurled and wonderfully grown

Inside the womb, Spirit breath I’d known


Because of prayers to bless and dedicate

This life, this being, through every state

At birth and onwards I would be

Soul-touched for eternity


As I emerged to my first dawn

Angels were singing of this newborn

My every part created and put together

As a child of God, now and forever


And this is life eternal

To know the one true God Immortal

And Jesus Christ whom He did send

My peace, my hope, that has no end


You, who know all that can be known

Will blossom the seeds within me sown

And when you, O God, have tried me till old

Then, shall I come forth as precious gold.